Book translations

I have translated the following books from Dutch to English.

Stand By Your Man, written by Rita Knijff-Pot. All revenues from this publication are donated to End Polio Now and ShelterBox.

Finite Element Method part I, written by G.E. Hofman

Finite Element Method part II, written G.E. Hofman (coming soon)

Rush Hour!, written Professor Freek Peters (coming soon)

Text translations

In 2014 I translated eight texts (from English to Dutch) for the use in the Progress in International Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2016, as well as four texts for PIRLS Literacy (formerly prePIRLS) 2016. Half of these texts were informative and the other half fictional stories, all aimed at a ten-year-old readership. Apart providing an outstanding translation of these texts, it was also essential for this project that the translations exactly matched the English source texts’ level of difficulty. Click here for more information regarding PIRLS 2016.

The books and texts listed in this portfolio only represent a selection of my work as a translator. I can of course also help you with the translation of all kinds of different text types (press releases, advertisements, CVs, etcetera.)

Editing and proofreading

I have edited or proofread the following books.

Grey Ocean Strategy, written by Edgar Keenan.

Kristallnacht to Dachau, a diary written by Ernst Geiduschek, translated from German to English by his daughter June Nathan. All revenues from this publication are donated to ShelterBox.

I also correct and edit shorter (more general) English texts, academic articles, dissertations and PhD theses.